Monday, February 18, 2013

I heart chocolate and tolerate science

I recently watched a Nova episode about string theorists' efforts to discover a theory of everything. That is, a single theory that explains everything in the universe.
So far, the so-called string theorists have discovered that the so-called strings might actually be membranes, that the universe itself could be a membrane, and that our universe could actually be just one of many universes in the big loaf of life. Stop visualizing yummy carbs and stick with me here. Is this something that we really want to know?
We seem to be in over our heads here on Earth as it is. With ongoing killing and poverty, at home and afar, it's clear that we haven't figured out how to get along or support one another, let alone plan for the long run. Do we really want to discover whole other universes with whom to disagree? And if ours is just one of many universes, then who would we be to someone or something much bigger?
I guess this is why I don't usually watch Nova.
And why I was so relieved to learn that other scientists are hard at work on research that is infinitely more uplifting. Yes, yet another study has shown what we've always instinctively known -- chocolate is good for us. That is the kind of science that can only make us smile.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The words of the day: pancakes

Jake said, "Let's only go to church on food days." He is a fan of their fluffy pancakes.

He is not a fan of sitting quietly, although he was very good at it on Shrove Tuesday. Just the two of us, sitting in the front row -- his choice -- awkward since we hadn't been in months and I tripped over some of the responsesHe is also starting to listen. This is suddenly alarming. Sometimes (invariably?) the readings are dark. Our priest does an amazing job of explaining them in a way which is relevant today. But in the meantime Jake is listening very literally. 

When he gets tired of listening, he opens the hymnal and sings softly, tracing the musical notes with his finger tip. He has the most beautiful voice.

He also likes to put a coin in the chest for children's charities and another coin in the little house for homeless people.

He really likes the fluffy pancakes.

Friday, February 15, 2013

The words of the day go to J: figure skating

J said, on Tuesday:

"Mom, remember when we turned on grown-up TV and we thought it was going to be football but it wasn't; it was figure skating? It was beautiful and cool."
"And we saw that guy's underwear and that was silly!"

[A male skater wore a kilt and we did, indeed, see his "underwear". Mommy laughed a lot at the unexpectedness of it.]

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stuck like glue. Old glue.

I am stuck. Totally. Crisis of confidence. Blast of reality?
Do I have the ability to do this creative work? This particular creative work, at least. This weird blend of creative and proscriptive work.
I don't know if I do. I've been stuck in my project for days. Stuck because I am... stuck... [dig deeper!] Ummmmmmm..... I am afraid. I am unsure. I am embarrassed. I haven't yet had a shower today and I'm wearing my least comfortable underwear. Should I shower to clear my head? Or is that just another form of procrastination? Well, I need to shower anyway, and it might help, so...
Meanwhile, if you're reading this, please send me some creative vibes. Thank you.

p.s. I'm designing a fashion designer's studio and retail space for a school project.