Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A bargain at any cost?

Since quitting my job earlier this year, we've cut our spending dramatically.
The best side-effect has been time saved, but trying to save money is time-consuming too. I'm saving lots of time not shopping for unnecessary things, but spending too much time trying to save money on everything else.
I shop the big-box stores to save on the groceries they carry, but at what cost? There isn't one store that has all the groceries I want at the prices I want, so I end up making multiple trips, trying to remember what I want to pick up at what store. I suppose there's a learning curve, as I learn what's worth the trip and what isn't. But I would so much rather be learning something else!
I'm not sure I'm saving that much money either, as I sit here in my (cheap!) new Costco Polo tee and my son runs around in his (cheap!) new Costco Crocs...
As I walked past the $1,000 patio furniture in Costco yesterday, I couldn't help feeling that Costco is where we go when we want to spoil ourselves while feeling frugal.
Anyway, time to make hamburgers out of the giant tray of Costco ground beef, and enjoy them on today's Walmart buns.

P.S. Damn those burgers were tasty!

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