Friday, August 5, 2011


Haven't posted for a while, so I'm giving myself ten minutes to write my fastest post ever. What's happened in the last few weeks?
Ashtanga yoga class was suspended for the summer, without notice.
Signed up for boot camp on the spur of the moment.
Started doing boot camp, so I dropped my run/walks.
Boot camp was gruelling but an incredible mood-booster.
Consulted a fertility specialist who told me to drop boot camp (and take up whole milk!).
Dropped boot camp (and took up ice cream!).
Busy week with friends in town and hubby on vacation. Lots of fun catching up with them and being together.
Had an awesome time camping with my dear husband and our little one. A lot of splashing. A little hiking. A perfect vacation that really deserves its own awesome post.
Positive ovulation test for the second time in my life; the first time in almost four years. (I'm thinking this was a reward for peeing on an ovulation test stick in a gas station bathroom the day before.)
Came home from camping and recovered from the bug bites. That is to say, lots of showers, baths, and air conditioning.
Moody without hiking, boot camp, running/walking, or yoga...
Started Mysore yoga on July 25. Four yoga classes that week.
Turned 41. Almost overlooked turning 41. Celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary with a trip to the drive-in for ice cream with our son.
Long weekend. A little beach time. Not pregnant.
Four more yoga classes this week.
I love the semi-daily yoga.
Now I just need to get back on the trail.
Going away again next week, to my home town to spend time with my family. Should be crazy hot. Going to unroll my yoga mat between the roses in my dad's tiny backyard and work it all out every day. Little J should get a kick out of it.
And remember to breathe deeply and quiet my mind whenever I can.

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