Thursday, May 3, 2012

Easter consumption update

Well, it's been three weeks and J has almost finished eating the Easter Bunny that he was holding here (the one without ears).

That's the Easter Bunny that we got for him. The rest of the haul came from grandparents and neighbours. It's still untouched, except for half a bunny that my husband ate (shhhh).
I try not to think about all that chocolate lurking in the house, especially the Lindt carrots.
I also try not to be judgmental about the (in my opinion) excessive amount of chocolate that others gave our son.
I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't. I could say something to the others and feel mean-spirited. I could let him eat it all despite the fact that it makes him jittery and keeps him up at night, which I won't do. Or I can throw some of it away, and feel guilty for effectively betraying the donors. A little birdie suggested that I freeze it and use it in my Christmas baking. Two problems: my freezer is small and I don't do much Christmas baking.
Solution! We're having the family over for Mother's Day. Stay tuned for my Mother's Day chocolate creations...

p.s. My own Easter chocolate is of course long gone. It was delicious. Thank you K, J, and Godiva.


  1. The answer here is, in my opinion, fairly obvious and absolutely awesome. Eat it yourself! That's what I've been doing. E also got way too much chocolate, and though she loves it, she completely forgets about it and I try not to remind her by waiting until she goes to sleep to binge. This is a win-win. You're a better mom for not putting those terrible things into his body, and you're being rewarded for all your hard work raising the most perfect and (mostly) sugar-free son! Enjoy! :)

  2. You are so right. I've started in on the Lindt carrots...