Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Table

OK. I've put this off long enough. Yes, today is the day that I tackle this:

I'm pretty sure that when my parents gave us this dining room table they did not expect me to use it for filing (although they might not be totally shocked that it's been pressed into service in this capacity from time to time). I can hear my father saying, as he did throughout my teens, "Your floor is not a shelf." No, neither is my table.

I've had some excuses for this little filing project. Chiefly, I've been searching for some budgeting software before I file all our records away. I've given up on finding a Mac-compatible product and am now looking to buy a used PC so I can go back to Quicken -- sorry Apple devotees, I'm not persuaded that this nice-looking MacBook adequately replaces our former PC's.

However, the time has come to wrap this up. So, here goes...

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