Friday, April 8, 2011

The Table, cont'd.

So, did I finish filing everything on my dining room table? No, of course I did not. I did, however, do something probably more important. I used those records spread out on my table and made a balance sheet and a budget. Not much of a budget, since it's running a deficit, but if deficit-finance is good enough for the country...  No, seriously, we do not intend to run a deficit, but the draft budget is a starting point. A starting point from which to make cuts. Even my dear husband is on board and actually asked me to track our spending. I later realized that I forgot to include dog food and vet services. Yes, dear hound, you may continue to eat.

Then I spent two hours at the bank to open an account to receive my former-employee shares. Two hours!!!

As if that weren't enough fun, so far today I have spent another hour on the phone regarding the same transaction. Among other things I learned that the bank neglected to present the necessary form. I've spoken with four people this morning, each of whom has told me that I need to do something else. Like scream, perhaps...

... Okay. A few hours, emails, and forms later, and it's finally time to fax everything in and hope, hope, hope, that this transaction is done! (And then get to work on my pension transfer, but that's for another day.)

I'm also off to Fed Ex two boxes of baby clothes to my nephews. Definitely a win-win there. They receive two boxes of clothes to wear. I remove two boxes of clothes from my home. Hopefully one day I have another baby and receive said clothes for him or her. If I ever have a daughter she will have one kick-ass neutral wardrobe courtesy of her big brother and male cousins, fabulously accessorized with pretty ribbons, boots, and jumpers. Something so perfect should really happen, shouldn't it?

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