Saturday, April 30, 2011

The sign for S.

Our friend S recently came to spend a night with us. He was in town for a special occasion of his own. It was great to see him, and to see my husband with his best friend. S is a genuinely nice man. Funny. Possibly a little shy, but incredibly goofy. This is a man who, back when we were doing baby sign language, created a sign for his own name. It was a great big gesture.

This time, S made our two-year-old laugh and laugh, in a whole new wide-eyed way. He had never seen an adult be so seriously funny.

The day after S left, my husband and I mentioned to our son that we were going to visit our relatives G and C.
"That's okay," he replied, "G and C aren't bad." 
"No, they aren't bad," we said, "of course they aren't bad!" 
"G is funny," he said, after a moment. 
"Yes," we agreed heartily. 
"But not like S!!!" he added.

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