Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mommy's Resolution: No more potty mouth!

From time to time, I swear like a trucker. Or so they say. That's probably an unfair generalization of truckers.
I've been a mom for three (incredibly short) years, but I haven't managed to drop this habit. Yet.
I've been lucky. My little guy hasn't picked it up.
Until today.
My husband and I were shopping with our sweet little angel, J. He was actually being a bit of a handful, but that's beside the point.
I'm embarrassed to say that, for reasons unknown, I made the obvious comment that, "there are shitty chairs and there are good chairs."
"I don't want shitty chairs," said J.
He said it in just the same way he might have said, "I don't want broccoli."
My husband and I inhaled silently and exchanged a Look. The look that says, "Whoops. That's going to stop right now."
I can only hope that J doesn't say that word again for at least ten years. Or I'll be in big, big trouble.

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