Saturday, July 2, 2011


I'm struggling with my blog.
I find the whole blog world compelling. Addictive, my hubby would say. I like to write. No, I love to write. I like to read others' blogs. I love your diverse personalities.
Then there's the whole time-sucking thing. Here I sit, with two towering baskets of laundry waiting to be folded. At least reality TV could be justified as laundry-folding TV. Blogging, not so much.
But that's not what I'm struggling with.
What I'm struggling with is that my blog isn't very candid. It's me. But it's a highly edited slice of me.
I have a personality, not that you'd know it from my blog.
I am going through a huge personal change. No, I'm still female. But maybe less of girl, more of a woman. Anyway...
I want to write honestly.
But I'm afraid to shed my skin.
An easy answer would be to sign out of the blog for good and write in a journal, for my eyes only.
But that's not appealing. I mean, the journal is appealing, but I'd miss the blog. And if the blog just hits the highlights, then what's the point? Is there an in-between? Maybe the answer is to start journalling, let it all flow, and then write the blog. Probably a good idea. Worth a try. Do I have time for that?
Or do I just let it rip and share my soul right here.
I ask myself, what is it that's calling me? Why do I want to write in this public forum?
In the meantime, I suppose I could start by revising my "about me" blurb, since, "I'm a 40 year old mom..." isn't going to be accurate for much longer, and "a 41 year old mom" isn't any more telling.
Who am I? And do I want to share with everyone?


  1. Hi K.D.Thanks for dropping by my blog and taking the time to leave your lovely comment. Each page I make is put into a large plastic storage box, and then when I put a day aside for organising them, they go into folders. The little shabby 9 patch took me 2 full days . You say you are struggling with your blog...I know what you mean. I have not been blogging for long, and still do not really know what I am doing, but it is easier when you have just one blog and keep it simple and honest, just be yourself. You write really, really well and definitely from the heart. When you go blog hopping and come across a blog that really appeals to you, try to analyse what makes this blog different from others, and why you like it. Here are 2 places I love to visit, both very different, they may appeal to you, I don't know, but I look forward to always visiting them and leave feeling "something"...........happy, soothed, excited, inspired, curious, motivated etc. Teagan..... and Christina...... Keep blogging, you will find your niche and it will soon become like a comfy room.

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful comment Gayle. I appreciate it and I will check out those two blogs.
    If think you should hang your layouts on the wall, but I suppose you would run out of wall space. The shabby 9 patch is really beautiful. Hopefully you have at least a display spot for your current favourite(s). :-)

  3. I think you write honestly. I think the confidence comes over time. So does the ripening of your writing style.

  4. Thank you so much for reading and for your comments. I really appreciate it.