Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A warm summer's eve, 2008

Three short years ago, this perfect person was born, found his parents, had a snack, and a snooze, some i.v. sugar snacks, and a few days later was ready to go, out of the hospital and into the world.

Of course he didn't see much of the world those first few weeks -- not leaving the neighbourhood until I put my foot down and said that I was going out for brunch, I was taking him with me, and his dad and grandparents could choose to join us or not. Of course they came, and it was a delicious brunch, and all the ladies oohed and ahed over our tiny baby and his handsome daddy. But I digress...

Three short years later and my beautiful baby is a boy. A big, strong, boy. Just the other day I gazed at him in his morning haze and I could see the teenager he'll become.

So hard to believe it's already been three years. Three years of bliss. Crying, whining, stiff-as-a-board or floppy at times. Always absolutely beautiful. Pure love.

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